On 2nd June 2005 the major of Weesp has officially appointed Bakels as "Supplier of the Queen", in presence of Mr. Armin Ulrich, Chairman of the international Bakels organization, the present an retired staff.


In 1904 the Bakels brothers founded their trade company at the Looiersgracht in Amsterdam. It formed the point of departure of the success story that is called Bakels. Over the years the company developed to a prominent world player in the field of premium quality bakery ingredients.

What's in a name

Worldwide the Bakels sites were indicated with the specific country name, such as British Bakels and Australian Bakels. The first, Dutch, Bakels company, was in a manner of honour, additionally named with the predicative "Senior". Hence the Dutch establishment officially carries the name Bakels Senior. Bakels Senior is specialist in the development, production and sales of an extensive assortment of bakery ingredients serving both the craft and the industrial segment of the bakery industry.

To be able to guarantee the high quality level, Bakels has a balanced team of specialists who all in their field, but especially in cooperation with each other, stand for realising optimal customer satisfaction.

Important key words of which you will find the meaning in your relation with Bakels Senior are:

  • Reliability
  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Integrity
  • Flexibility
  • Continuity
  • Service and customer orientation
  • Innovation

We invite you to discover our website and to let Bakels Senior surprise you.