Bakels is worldwide represented with 15 production facilities on all five continents.

All manufacturing companies operate fully autonomous where each site is facilitated with its own R&D department . This enables Bakels to be on top of developments of every local market directly and thus cover the demand of the various markets and its customers individually.

This way of operating underlines our slogan "Thinking globally - working locally".

Bakels Research Centre

For international R&D projects Bakels has the disposition of a special research centre in Australia.

Despite the diversity of the various companies, there is a continuous close contact between employees of all sites to assure optimal exchange of knowledge and expertise.


FondsuisseBecause of her global network of manufacturing units Bakels produces an enormous diversity of products. These Bakels brand products find their way to customers in over 120 countries. To realize this Bakels uses an extensive network of distributors and agents (click here for the address list).

Within the line of products the following product groups can be defined:

  • Powder mixes / dry blends
  • Liquid bread improvers
  • Paste improvers
  • Release agents
  • Glazes and fruit fillings
  • Emulsifiers
  • Deep frozen products.

The total assortment consists of a mix of products that is able to fully cover the bread, pastry, confectionery and food service requirements for high quality concepts.

Therefore Bakels can justify to call itself a full-line supplier of bakery ingredients.

Bakels Senior Weesp

From 1968 Bakels Senior-N.V. has its residence at the Hogeweijselaan 175 in Weesp. This is where the majority of her products are manufactured. The offices, warehouses and test bakery are situated here as well.

Bakels Plant Improvement Project

In 2002 the Bakels Plant Improvement Project was completed. It anticipates a total renovation of the building, the plant, the offices and the construction of a new test and demonstration bakery.

Bakels Senior now owns a production facility that fully matches modern days quality standards.

Production site

The site consists of a powder department and a separate "wet" department, the so-called "wet floor". This is where all liquid and paste products, amongst which the liquid bread improvers, the release agents and the bread creams are being produced.

Test and demonstration bakery

The test bakery enables product development to operate 100% market oriented. This way questions and market demands can be dealt with in the most adequate way emphasising our flexibility and customer service level.

It also facilitates Bakels to host large groups of bakers to introduce them to the quality of our extensive range of product possibilities.

Product development

Product development is done "in-house" by a team of qualified food technologists, product developers and bakery technologists. The team is also at our customers' service for product advice and demonstrations at customers premises.

Customer care

Core reason for the realisation of our facility improvements is to be able to serve our customers as optimum as possible.

The result is a flexible, customer based organisation focused on meeting the highest quality standards.