At Bakels Senior a team of specialists is serving our customers on issues such as: · Product development · Food technology and legislation · Bakery technology / application knowledge.

Due to the knowledge and expertise that is available Bakels is able to continuously enhance the quality of her products to remain at technological lead and meet the expectations of her customers.

Our R&D team stands for:

  • Tailor made solutions
  • Production information advice / application service
  • Demonstrations ("in house" and "on the spot")
  • Process and product advice
  • Recipe service
  • Specifications and declarations

Besides, the R&D team is supported by the Bakels Research Centre where all worldwide spread Bakels product data can be retrieved.


An important core activity of Bakels Senior is innovation. This implies pro-active anticipation of market changes and trends and a continuous search for possibilities to provide the baker specific solutions on process and product level. An eye-catching example from the past is the pioneers role Bakels played in the development and application of emulsifiers in bread improvers and batter stabilisers.

Other recent innovations at Bakels Senior are: ·

  • Liquid Flan Mix
  • Clean label concepts
  • Italian Bread Mix
  • Bread Mix Pain Honoré
  • Several tailor made concepts

The future

As a result of ongoing investments in the knowledge and expertise of its employees, Bakels Senior will remain the source of surprising innovations in the future. New projects like the application of technology in the improvement of microwaveable products is just one example.